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Welcome to Rancho Electric.  We have been serving Glenn County, Tehama County, and Butte County customers for over 15 years. We specialize in residential, commercial and agricultural solar electric systems. With over 30 years of electrical contracting experience and many completed solar energy installations, we have the knowledge and experience to install a complete solar electric system designed to meet your family or business solar electric system needs. We have excellent solar electric references and when we install a solar energy system for you we follow up after the sale to be certain your solar electric system performs as promised.

Rancho Electric strives to provide you with the best overall value for your solar energy system. Rancho Electric designs and installs solar energy systems for customers who are searching for the best rate of return on their solar electric investment. As a smaller contractor, we are comprised of a small group of solar electric experts who are able to complete all the work on your solar energy project with out subcontractors. Therefore, we have less overhead costs which allows us the flexibility to provide our customers with a solar energy system at a better price and with more reliable solar panels. We only sell high quality American made Sharp solar panels or Solar World solar panels, because these solar panel manufacturers have proven themselves by delivering high quality solar panels for many years. Furthermore, we believe that these companies will survive these difficult economical times and will therefore be able to honor warranty on their solar panels if there was ever an issue with your solar electric system. Both of these companies offer a 25 year warranty on their solar panels.

What many solar energy installers neglect to mention is that the solar panels warranty is the most costly  component of a solar energy investment.  We take great care in ensuring that we are selling solar panels that are American made by a financially stable solar panels manufacturer. 

Rancho Electric installs solar energy systems for the following communities in Northern CA:  
Durham, Orland,Willows, Red Bluff, Los Molinos, Richvale, Corning, Chico,  Maxwell, Williams, Colusa and all towns located within  the Glenn County, Butte County, Colusa County, and Tehama County area.

Below is a 112 Sharp Solar Panel Solar Electric System installed for a rice dryer in Willows, Glenn County, CA

           We Provide Solar Electric              Solutions For:
  • Homes
  • Commercial
  • Ranches
  • Farms 
  • Hullers & Dryers


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Solar Electric Carport, 24 Sharp solar panels Orland,  Glenn County, CA

Service Areas: Willows , Chico, Orland,  Glenn, Colusa, Williams, Maxwell Tehama, Los Molinos, Vina  Red bluff, Tehama County, Corning Princeton, Richvale Glenn County Tehama County Butte County  Sutter County Colusa County.